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Wooden house building: advantages and problems

by newsgary

Despite the large selection of building materials for the construction of houses, wood still has a leading position, and in recent years there has been a tendency to increase the share of wooden housing construction. The world centuries -old experience has proved the durability, convenience, environmental friendliness of wooden housing construction, and modern structural schemes and technologies allow you to build an affordable at the cost of the house. An indisputable advantage of wood from other natural materials is its natural origin, and, due to its structure and structure, the wood provides a good microclimate in the room. Other advantages of wood, as building material, are good heat -insulating properties, the low weight of structures due to small density, the ease of processing. By the way, now on the Krasivye-Doma-Kottedzhi website you can find more detailed information about wooden house construction.

It should also be added that during the construction of a wooden house, regardless of the type of material (log, glued beam, galvanized log and t.D.), there is no large depth to arrange the foundation, which ultimately affects the cost of construction work. But wood and weaknesses have. First of all, it is inconsistency to atmospheric influences (moisture and temperature changes), which, if processing and construction technology, can lead to deformations of wooden structures. Also, with improper processing and operation of wood, wood is subject to decay and may be fire hazardous.

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