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Wooden door Repair

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Long -term operation of wooden doors after a while always makes itself felt. Cracks may appear on the doors, cladding is exfoliated, the structures are pasted and settled. It happens that there is a need to replace the glasses at the door. In order to repair the door competently, you need to follow the following recommendations:

– The door creaked. You need to lift the door and drip a little machine or fat into the loops.

– Strengthening the door frame. To do this, you need to make several holes with a depth of 5 cm in the long boxes of the box and in the wall in the loop area. Then we score there from steel (4 cm) and put on the box in place, strengthening with cloves and installing new platbands.

– Settlement of the door and scratching the floor. Change the screws that turn out, or shift the loops themselves a little up or down. If the door settled a little, then a ring is put on the rod.

– The formation of gaps on both sides of the door. A thin plank is nailed to the edge of the door, it is wrapped a little, the formed cracks are lubricated with putty, cleaned with sandpaper. If the gaps formed above the door and under it, then the loops are rearranged so that to remove the upper gap and leave only the lower.

– The door was dry. The bonds must be attached to the bars with the help of screws on both sides of steel squares.

– Damage to the bars of the strapping. In these places, the wood should be replaced. T.e. cut a site of the desired size, lubricated abundantly with glue, install a new piece of wood there there. For strength, you can still fix with screws.

– the door is poorly closed and open. Turn the strapping so that the gap appears.

– Cracks in the door box. Lubricated with sawdust mixed with oil putty. Then clean the skin.

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