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It is necessary to repair the body, usually, with serious corrosion, or after a collision with obstacles (accident). Depending on the degree of defects, the repair can be made both with your own hands and only in a special workshop. If the repair consists in replacing a small part of the car, then you can repair it yourself. If the restoration of the geometric size of the body is required, after a serious blow, then you need to contact a car service that has a special stand. You will need to contact a car repair shop for painting a body, you can’t do without a special paint. Small body repair means a small dent on the wings, doors, when you can straighten the defect with the help of pierces and eliminate it using putty and paints. Also, you can independently replace the wings, thresholds, doors, hood and luggage compartment cover, which are no longer possible to repair. To do this, it is enough to have a minimum set of equipment and tools. Such a repair as led towards the racks of the body, replacing the spaces and the restoration of the size between the control points, then this is not done in the garage. Need stands with hydropresses capable of pulling the metal in place.

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