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What Lada Priora looks like?

by newsgary

In our country there remains a large number of buyers who, despite the vital and and economic crises, continue to choose domestic cars. Moreover, Russian manufacturers are actively developing and offer new modern options. In 2007. AvtoVAZ OJSC begins to release Lada Priora models. In our opinion, this true way to catch up with world leaders. So what is Lada Priora today? Priora Sedan Priora Sedan Design Lada Priora Sedan – strict and laconic. He is for those who appreciate elegance and do not chase at momentary fashion trends. The car has a spacious salon and a roomy trunk isolated from it. The bodies of the body give him expressiveness, and the original shape of the false radiator grille complements the strict appearance of the car. Lada Priora Coupe – a three -door Lada Priora Coupe hatchback is convenient in the city and on the highway. He is compact and maneuverable. Of course, he still cannot compete with Porshe or Ferrari, but his manufacturer sets himself worthy goals and strives for them. Lada Priora Hatchback Five -door Lada Priora Hatchback Five -door Lada Priora Hatchback demonstrates a strict and laconic design with a spectacular solid solution: a dark zone is located throughout the car office. This is very practical in the conditions of Russian climate. A rounded shape of the stern, an elegant bumper, an excellent front and rear optics – these are the key characteristics of this model. Lada Priora Wagon what Lada Priora looks like? Lada Priora station wagon and at the end of our review we will talk about Lada Priora station wagon. In the classic, strict universal, attention is preserved to details. This is a family car with a large salon and a 400-liter trunk. It is convenient to go in it by a friendly company on long trips, transport cabbage grown in the country and tomatoes, a catch or collected mushrooms. Spacious trunk opens great opportunities. So, our industry, as we see, does not stand still and actively develops new, practical, suitable for our solution conditions. In their appearance and technical characteristics, they, sometimes, are not inferior to foreign cars.

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