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How to approach the issue of buying a villa in Northern Cyprus

by marusia

The real estate market in Northern Cyprus is rich in a wide variety of properties for sale. Here you can find not only apartments, but also houses, villas and cottages, varying in size, style and area.

The most prestigious purchase option is a villa. Here it is believed that buy villa in northern cyprus means having a high level of prosperity, since their arrangement includes a swimming pool or two, a greenhouse, a tennis court and much more, which is an indicator of being chosen.

Choosing the right villa includes several criteria:

  • location. If you are going to live in this house and not rent it out, then opt for properties located on the second or third line from the sea. This is the most comfortable option for living. Others are suitable for rental;
  • price of the villa;
  • what funds will have to be invested in it in terms of maintenance;
  • the amount of tax on luxury real estate.

A villa is premium housing, but some owners of large houses also call them “villas”. You need to pay attention to the location of the object and its amenities. Check for the above advantages of a villa over a large house.

How to approach the issue of buying a villa in Northern Cyprus

Before making a choice, you need to decide for what needs the villa is being purchased: rental or independent living, and only then choose the area. Not all foreigners know that the villa area is up to 200 square meters. m. makes it possible to save tax deductions and is perfect for a large family.

Investing money in luxury real estate is a rather responsible and risky step that requires the involvement of specialists operating in this field.

For foreigners purchasing real estate in Northern Cyprus, legal support of the transaction is mandatory, as it will help avoid unnecessary risks. By collaborating with a law firm, you receive a full range of services, within which you will be offered:

  • assistance in choosing a suitable object;
  • transaction support at all stages;
  • guarantee of the legality of the purchase and sale;
  • you will receive exactly the property you dreamed of.

Independent purchase of real estate in Northern Cyprus has many pitfalls and has fundamental differences from the procedure for buying and selling real estate in the post-Soviet countries.

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