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Mercedes Vito (Mercedes Vito), 99 g. V.

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Metrocab (Great Britain) Special Taxi Car Metrocab (MetroKeb) since 1991. produces a special department of the Hooper bodybuilding company. Cars are equipped with a spacecraft and roomy fiberglass body with a driver’s workplace, completely separated from the cabin. It can accommodate 5-7 passengers with large baggage, as well as a wheelchair. The car is equipped with a 4-cylinder 2, 5-liter Ford Transit diesel engine with a capacity of 76 liters. With., mechanical 5-speed or automatic 4-speeded gearboxes, front independent suspension, disc brakes, safe steering controls with a hydraulic power steering. Since 1998. The third generation of Metrocab Mk III is produced with new more convenient seats and a slightly modified external cladding.

Microcar (France) Microcar (“Microcarcar”), the automobile department of the well -known Jeanneau light swimming manufacturer in France, gradually turned into a manufacturer of light youth minibules in the country. They can use them without a driver’s license everyone who turned 16 years old. Another feature of this company should be considered the release of a super-compact 4-wheeled minute of Newstreet, designed for drivers from the age of 14. It is equipped with a 1-cylinder 50-cow engine with a capacity of only 5, 5 liters. With., allowing a machine weighing only 240 kg to develop a speed of 45 km/h. The main program is two episodes of more solid 2-seater front-wheel drive cars with closed 3-door bodies on a steel frame and an automatic cuneiform variator. The Lyra series uses 1-cylinder gasoline or diesel engines with a working volume of 273 or 505 cm with a capacity of 5, 4 liters. With. The more comfortable Virgo gamut is equipped with a 2-cylinder 500 cubic diesel of the Lombardini of the same power or electric drive.

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