Home Style Volkswagen Golf (Volsvagen Golf (VW)), 92-99g. V.

Volkswagen Golf (Volsvagen Golf (VW)), 92-99g. V.

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To get to the beach on the weekend, a formidable all -terrain vehicle is unlikely. But the utility universal with increased road clearance, a huge doorway and the ability to turn into a pickupan will have to. The design of the concept is extremely rational. All protruding details are enclosed in plastic, door handles are designed so that the branches of the shrub will not be hooked for them, the front lights are reliably hidden in deep niches. In the cabin, rubber trim is widely used, everything is easily washed, folded, transformed. In short, good weekend!

Hyundai (Korea) HCD VI

For the first time, the South Korean manufacturer tried his hand at creating a medium -fingered rook. According to all the laws of this elite class, the concept has characteristic air intakes on the sides of the body and a transparent rear hood cover through which you can see the engine. Despite the specifics, the designers of the California studio Hyundai managed to find original solutions of individual details. First of all, this applies to lighting equipment and “active” bumpers of a characteristic shape and design. The rear safety arc was unconventional, which is very effective, but excludes the equipment of the car with a roof. While the class exists in a single copy, painted with enamel, which changes its color depending on the lighting and angle of view, and is shown in all large car dealerships.

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