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Fiat Ducato (Fiat Dukato), 98 g. V.

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Hacker (Great Britain) The creation of powerful and high -speed convertibles on the chassis of mass cars has become a new direction in the activities of famous tuning companies. A characteristic example is the products of the English company Tim Datton, a well -known creator of a passenger floating car Mariner. Now he decided to radically redo the serial Ford Fiesta Passenger Forte, assigning him a new Hacker brand (Haker). The car received an enhanced body with a safety arch for headlines of the front seats, a new cladding of the front of the body, rounded bumpers and spoilers.

HAWK (Great Britain) This English company specializes in the manufacture of accurate copies of well -known sports cars AC Cobra and Lancia Stratos. The novelty of the company is 289 FIA model. It almost completely repeats the features of the racing version of AC Cobra. On the same principle, a 289 le mans model was completed. The Cobra 39ph, which started in the race in Le-Man 1963, was accepted for its base. The machine has an increase in the slope of the windshield, there is a drop -shaped hard top, as well as wheels with a larger width of the profile and enlarged arches of the wheels. Car bodies are made of fiberglass, engine-V-shaped 8-cylinder from Rover or Ford. Precisely the reproduced suspension of the original has twice as long. The maximum speed of 289 FIA and 289 Le Mans exceeds 210 km/h. The series 289 of the Hawk Cars (“Hawn Kars”) includes not only racing, but also sports options with 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines. By order, any of the V8 engines will be installed on them.

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