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Mercedes W202 (Mercedes W202), 97 g. V.

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Modulo (Italy) the only products of the small Milan company Italian Car Di F. Lamattina is a compact 2-seater 3-wheeled Modulo (Module). In this machine with an open fiberglass body, two front controlled wheels and one rear drive, a long -standing idea of ​​a light and simple vehicle of transportation made on the units of serial motorcycles is reanimate. In addition, Modulo embodied another forgotten tandem layout – the location of the driver and passenger’s places one after another. As a basic power unit for Modulo, a motorcycle 4-cylinder 1, 1-liter BMW engine with a capacity of 100 liters was selected. With. Moto-guzzi engines are being installed by order. The gearbox is 5-speed. Modulo length – 3750 mm. Mas- S- 400 kg. Maximum speed – 210 km/h.

Pagani (Italy) The first version of the Zonda C12 car was represented by Pagani (Pagani) and Modena Design at one of the last Geneva car dealerships. The Zonda C12S model became a step forward and made it possible to implement even more stringent requirements for the running qualities and visual image of the car. The characteristic appearance of the body of the C12S machine is formed by an elongated nasal part, and divided in two anti -winged, which is installed on the casing of the engine compartment. The back of the engine casing is also characteristic, on it there are aerodynamically verified tail lamps, and large grates of air intakes cover a block of four exhaust pipes. The forming and at the same time force are spatial elements of carbon fiber, based on a double frame of chrome-molibdenum steel. The central module (safety cell) was made of carbon fiber and MD panels in compliance with the production standards. Based on the results of the creation of the module, its design was patented. The front support module has energy-absorbing properties and in combination with the central module, which contains a safety arc, which is also made of chrome-molibden steel, provides a very high degree of protection of the passenger compartment when turning the car. The rear support module not only perceives the mass of the engine, but also serves as the base for installing the rear suspension containing mainly elements made of aluminum alloys. Thanks to the use of the AMG Mercedes V12 engine, which has an enviable balance, and the damping properties of the body, the car has a very low level of internal noise and vibration. The motor develops a power of 550 liters. With. and torque 750 N. m at 4100 rpm. In the near future, a 6-speed gearbox will be installed on the car.

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