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Ford Maveric (Ford Maverik), 95 g. V.,

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Keinath (Germany) The German company Keinath, which is led by the designer Horst Kainate, produces high -class sports cars. The basic model is GTR, made on the chassis of the passenger car Opel Omega. Its body is made of plastic panels on a steel tubular frame. The design of the hard top of the car is interesting. The plastic roof and the back wall with glass and wide side racks are connected to each other hinges. Using an electric drive, the roof in a few seconds is completely cleaned in a special compartment behind the seats. This design practically does not affect the beneficial volume of the trunk. On Keinath GTR, a row 16-valve 2, 0-liter Opel engine with a capacity of 136 liters is used. With. or V-shaped “six” with a working volume of 2, 5 or 3, 0 l. The standard equipment of the car includes two front inflatable pillows, ABS, air conditioning, electric windows.

Ligier (France) Ligier (Liezhee), known for the production of high -tech double -sided Ambra micro -lines, announced its intention in the last quarter of 2001. Launch the city car Dragon Fly. His image is inspired by computer games, and in the development the latest achievements of science and technology are used. The car meets the current safety requirements and is addressed primarily to young drivers who have the right to drive cars from 16 years old. Lombardini two -cylinder engine with a working volume of 505 cm with a capacity of 20 liters. With., equipped with a distributed injection system, associated with a CVT type variator. The body frame is formed by a spatial structure of aluminum alloy, to which a few panels of composite materials (ABS polycarbonates) are attached. “Doors” with side bars of security are also made of aluminum alloy. This little car confirms the commitment of Ligier to the traditions of motorcycle design.

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