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Mitsubishi Lancer (Mitsubishi Lancer), 91 g. V.

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Reliant (Great Britain) founded in the 30s. and the British company Reliant (Riident) is repeatedly declared bankrupt to return to its original products-light and inexpensive “three-wheeled” with 3-door fiberglass bodies. It offers a 2-seater Robin car with a 39-horsepower engine with a working volume of 849 cm and a 4-speed gearbox. It weighs only 450 kg and develops a speed of 120 km/h. A larger and comfortable 4-seater option wears the Rialto II brand. Reliant again offers a 4-wheeled rear-wheel drive relative Scimitar Saber. Now it is equipped with a 16-valve engine Rover K (1398 cm, 113 liters. With.) or Nissan engine with turbocharged (1809 cm, 130 liters. With.).

Secma (France) company Secma (“SECMA”) offers a light 2-seater 4-wheeled youth minibus SCOOTCAR. It can be successfully used both in cities and on the ground. In the execution of Fun’Tech, the car is offered with an open body and a safety arch, in the Fun’Cab version is supplied with a closed fiberglass body with removable doors. In its rear, two different 1-cylinder 2-stroke gasoline engine with a working volume of 50 or 125 cm with a capacity of 6, 8 and 14 liters can be placed. With. Accordingly, capable of dispersing the light scootcar to a speed of 45 or 80 km/h. The third option is an electric drive from batteries.

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