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Peugeot Boxer (Peugeot boxer), 96-98. V

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Citroen (France) C-Crosser/C-Crosser C-Crosser Conceptual Car demonstrates new companies in the sector of vehicles for lovers of active lifestyle. Six -seater salon, a removable roof, body transformation from Wan to pickup. And appearance! It corresponds to unusual content. The workplace of the driver, which can move in the transverse plane, was original. Any of the three passengers on the front sofa has the opportunity to drive a car. And do not forget that in front of us is Citroen. It is equipped with an active pendant that changes the road clearance and its rigidity. In addition, all four wheels are controlled, and although electronics are following this, the driver needs more attention. Seeing once a characteristic stepped silhouette, you will easily recognize it at the next meeting and again amazed at the free -thinking of the designers who created it.

Citroen (France) Pluriel/Plurel

Apparently, the designers of the French company Citroen have found their way to form automotive products style. All new items, not to mention conceptual developments, have a resemblance to eminent predecessors conquering a bright and original design. Without a doubt, Pluriel is a ramage on the legendary Citroen 2CV, which struck the post -war Europe with the simplicity and rationality of each detail. It is clear that the pattern and plastic of today’s “ugly duckling” are different, but it is also pretty, has “naive” details (especially in the interior). Even the roof of Citroen Pluriel is dismantled easily and simply, like on the baby 2CV, who saw the light half a century ago.

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