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Kitchen sinks.

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Blanco presents a new Blanco kitchen -sized program (Blanco Wars) Statura with a huge variety of bowls. Very wide range of kitchen sinks for installation of a countertop, cut for and installation of one level with a countertop.

Statura kitchen sinks have an elegant appearance and design. Contained valves of modern design have balanced.

Some models of stainless kitchen sinks (stainless steel sinks) Statura for installation under the tabletop to be completely covered with two cutting boards.

Whatever the requirements for the layout of the kitchen space, Blanco will always be able to offer you the best definition (granite sink). Ergonomics and the functionality of the kitchen will facilitate the sinks of your everyday life.

Functionality, excellent materials and product design in harmonious combination – sink kitchens, mixers, waste sorting systems, kitchen space organization systems and accessories.

In various additions to various design forms, and functionality, which are offered in a variety of sizes, the sink can be selected from various materials and wide range.

Flight Kant Finotop allows you to produce both the usual installation of washing and installation under the countertop. in ease of planning a combination of bowls for different sizes of cabinets.

The central bowl with a very large diagonal is complete freedom in working with a kitchen sink. Comfort when working multifunctional thanks to accessories included in the set.

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