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BMW will teach you not to “crush” cyclists and motorcyclists

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BMW develops a technology that can detect any oncoming movement. This technology is mainly aimed at preventing a car with a motorcycle. Motorocyclists have already gladly greeted the news from BMW that they work on a technology that would stop the car in case of a dangerous situation. The German automaker said that he is working on a new type of system called “Turn Left Assistant”, which can detect, an attempt to make a dangerous maneuver before the oncoming traffic, including a freight or car and even a motorcycle. Also, the system will warn about the driver of the driver, I use the Head-up display and even turn on the car brakes automatically to avoid a collision. According to the Australian motorcyclist-Lobbitist Damien Cognotto, the attention of the driver during driving is certainly the issue of road safety. One of the most common types of clashes between cars and motorcycles occurs during a turn, when the car is in front of an oncoming bicycle or motorcyclist. By the way, according to the auto manufacturer, the technology can be adapted to left -handed countries such as Australia. According to BMW, if the indicator is turned on, the car using satellite navigation can determine its position with an accuracy of a meter, which allows the software to understand when the car stops at the intersection, at this time the built -in camera recognizes the marking on the road surface. Then the system uses three laser scanners that can explore the situation on the road at a distance of up to 100 meters in front of the car. In case of danger, the maneuver will be produced at a speed of not more than 10 km / h, which will undoubtedly allow the driver to react correctly if an accident is likely. But the innovations do not end there. BMW R1200 GS motorcycles also promise to provide innovative software, which will allow the motorcycle to “communicate” with other vehicles and exchange information between them. The car and motorcycle will share information about the type of vehicle, its position and speed, as well as dynamic data, such as the current angle of rotation and other parameters. If the car “sees” the possibility of a collision with a motorcycle, he will definitely warn the driver about this. Similarly, a motorcyclist itself will be a possible collision. In addition, the software can independently turn on the headlight and even a sound signal on a two -wheeled vehicle to make a motorcycle more noticeable.

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