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Smoke for your fireplace.

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A special device for removing the smoke that forms in the room is called the smoke car for fireplaces. What is the smoke exhaust for? It is not rare after a long use of the fireplace that you can encounter the problem of smoke in the room. The reason for the formation of smoke in the room is not rarely too short of a chimney pipe or too narrow section of the chimney. Dismantling the fireplace is quite expensive and troublesome. Then the smoke carcass will be allowed to help you, which will cope with excess smoke in your room. However, before buying, it is necessary to understand the main functions of the smoke exhaust, since the price of these units can reach up to $ 1,000.

First. The air flow is much lower, and the smoke carcass can absorb a large number of power.

Second. The smoke exhaust can draw out the air of an exclusively determined temperature. The third there is a high probability of sticking various particles on the fan blades. And these are far from all the nuances that need to be taken into account when buying a smoke exhaust.

When purchasing a smoke for a fireplace, carefully study its characteristics. A device with a power of 700 cubic meters of air per hour may be too powerful for you.

The air output through the smoke exhaust should have a temperature of no more than 200 degrees Celsius. This temperature will affect the working time of the smoke car. In no case do not use the smoke carcass in the operating mode for more than 4 – 5 hours.

The installation of the smoke exhaust is carried out directly above the mouth of the fireplace chimney. If the chimney is made of brickwork, then the installation will not cause any special problems.

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