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What is an ISO container for cargo transportation?

by newsgary

The ISO container is also called the intermodal container, that is, the container that will be transported using different modes of transport. Although in other countries, such containers are simply called intermodal or containers for intermodal transportation, we call it an ISO container, since it is done according to a certain world standard for international transportation.

If you need that the delivery of containers with your cargo is carried out through a particular customs, then you will need an ISO container.  Such containers are easily tolerated from one type of transport to another without the need to unload the goods. They are easy to fix them on trucks, loaded ferries or railway transport. Sometimes the Americans call these containers a sea jar, making fun of the fact that the cargo in them is also sealed as well as in cans.

The advantage of the intermodal container is that at the entire stage of transportation (and even at customs), the load does not need to be pulled out and moved. It is the container that passes customs, and all the products inside remain in the state perfectly packed at the factory.

Goods loaded into the intermodal container are not damaged and not lost on the way.

Different containers are indicated by different codes, so GP is a container for standard use (universal version), DC is a dry container, an isolated container denote Hi or HR. If there is a non -groaning ventilation system below, then the container denot VH. Container with an open top – UT. A more complete complex of all designations can be viewed in the ISO 6346: 1995 standard

Containers also use and not for transportation. They are purchased for storage, they make temporary stores, cafes and so on from them.

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