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What is a flexible stone

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What is a flexible stone

Not so long ago, a new natural material appeared on the market, which is called a flexible stone. Release it in the form of thin plates or in the form of rolls. During its manufacture, sandstone is used. Sandstone is a natural natural material. Its thin as possible is connected using polymer material, the basis of which is textiles.

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Thus, a flexible stone is formed in a roll.

A flexible stone is used more for the decoration of fountains, bathrooms or saunas, due to its highest resistance to the destructive effect of moisture. It is fire safety, non -toxic, resistant to fluctuations and temperature differences, due to which it is successfully used in the execution of fireplace decoration. Due to its permeability for light, it can be used to create light design of any room.

A flexible stone has shades and texture of natural stone, it is highly plastic, due to which it is used to design surfaces, regardless of the shape of the room. To do this, it is heated by a stream of hot air and applied to the basis. Experts give a guarantee for the operation of flexible stone up to 35 years.

The use of flexible stone makes it possible to get an original and beautiful view of the interior, protecting the surface from harmful effects.

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