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What is a house from glued beams?

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What is a house from glued beams?

Spend the weekend with a family outside the city. I probably want to have a country wooden house, probably every person. And if you seriously thought about the construction of such a house, pay attention to the houses of glued bars website. Glued beam as building material is glued to each other, forming a beam. This is understandable from the name. For a price, glued beam is more expensive than whole, but also in operational characteristics significantly exceeds it. Let’s talk more about the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

Firstly, glued beams are resistant to deformation, which cannot be said about the whole beam, which is characterized by shrinkage and deformation. Secondly, glued beam has enough moisture. So, after the construction, he does not threaten the appearance of cracks. Thirdly, good protection against parasite insects. When gluing, the boards are processed with special material, which makes the beam completely not attractive to wood parasites. Moreover, the environmental friendliness of the material remains at the level of natural wood, no harmful vapors are allocated.

The main drawback of this material has already been mentioned – high price. But this is an objective consequence of the complexity of the manufacture of glued timber, which in the end extremely positively affects its operational characteristics. However, the quality of the manufacture of glued beam should be at the height: with violation of technology, the boards will begin to light up very quickly, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. However, having chosen a good manufacturer, you will receive exclusively high -quality material with excellent performance characteristics. A house made of glued beam will delight you for many years.

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