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We warm the flat roof of a brick house

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Many people know that houses made of brick require high -quality insulation. And this should be approached with great responsibility. Before starting the roof insulation, it is worth deciding whether the attic will be used as a dwelling or for a warehouse. In the second case, it is not worthwhile to insulate the roof from the inside, only the process of insulation of the attic coating should be done.

A flat roof can be insulated by means of a rolling and bearing method. In the first option, the insulation material is laid from the outside of the roof. Having chosen the second, the heat insulator should be fixed from the inside of the ceiling. When repairing and warming the house, do not forget about furniture. By the way, you can purchase a sleeping headset Ufa and its inhabitants have already been convinced as furniture.

The traditional material used for this is foam concrete, mineral wool slabs and polystyrene foam. The best option could be a basalt mineral ward, which must be laid on a vapor barrier layer. Then the waterproofing is spread, for which you can take roofing material. And after that they put the bulk insulation.

It is important not to forget that the surface of the roof must be cleaned and leveled. To fix the heat insulator on it, special glue is used. Gaps between his plates should not be. They are closed with construction tape. To improve the insulation effect, you can perform a second layer of insulation, which close the joints on the first layer. It is necessary to ensure that during thermal insulation work, precipitation does not fall on the insulation, otherwise it will lose its qualities.

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