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We care for the pool.

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Basin care.

Who did not dream of his own pool. Of course, not everyone can afford a winter pool in its house, but to acquire an inflatable one, and to install it on your country land plot is quite a good person. In addition to inflatable, you can buy a frame version of the reservoir, or any other, most importantly, this is a convenient place to install it. Having your own pool, even only summer, is joy for all family members, and especially for children. But with active use of the reservoir, we must not forget about the care of it. After the pool was filled with water, you need to take care of its constant cleaning and periodic replacement.

It is better to fill the pool with water not from the nearest reservoir, but from the water supply. Since tap water goes through several stages of cleaning, and ordinary – no, which greatly complicates the care of the pool. But if you use water for a long time without periodic filtering, it loses its attractiveness for swimmers, acquires a musty smell and becomes a muddy. Therefore, when buying a pool, you need to immediately take care of the purchase of a filter installation. This device drives the water of an artificial reservoir through a filter container, which is filled with quartz sand. For the filter installation, a pump with a pipeline for water is provided from the surface and from the bottom of the pool is provided. Getting into the filter container later, the water is cleaned and enters the pool again. The filter device must pass through the filter the entire volume of the pool water at least three times in 24 hours. Therefore, the filter installation should be selected taking into account the volume of the pool of the corresponding power.

One water purification is not enough, except for this pool should also be fed with fresh water. It is necessary to carry out daily pooling the pool through a float valve specially designed for this. The minimum amount of fresh water with daily exchange should be 50 liters for each bathing.

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