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We make a plasterboard partition with your own hands

by newsgary

I want self -realization? Why not try to implement your ambitions in the field of repair and construction. A great start can be simple wallpaper sticking or plastering walls.

Well, if these areas are mastered, then you can go to more complex work, for example, to install drywall partitions. Like any work, the installation of partitions should begin with the preparation of a detailed plan. According to this plan, the need for the necessary materials is calculated, the main of which are: drywall, metal profiles, damper nets, screws and self -tapping screws. Well, for the possibility of carrying out such repair work, it is necessary to ensure in advance uninterrupted power supply. On an industrial scale, a starter or contactor will be useful, by the way, the price of the contactor is acceptable even for a novice merchant.

But since we are talking about residential premises, a small electric generator is suitable. At the first stage of the construction of the partitions, marking the room is made using threads and plumb line. Further on the floor and on the ceiling, profiles are attached, which subsequently interconnected. It is important not to miss, and make the frame correctly.

After installing the plasterboard frame, we proceed to the preparation of sheets. When attaching them to the frame, it must be taken into account that the step between the screws should not be more than 20 cm. Когда одна сторона каркаса обшита гипсокартоном переходим к укладке звукоизоляционного материала (минеральной ваты). Then the back of the frame is lined with the same drywall.

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