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A miracle is a stove

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The building materials market is constantly filled with Novik and the results of the introduction of new technologies. There was once a novelty of the SML plate (glass of magnesium leaf) and immediately established itself from the positive side, starting to win the demand of the consumer.

Magnesite plate itself is a durable, high -quality building material. The use of SME was noted in a wide variety of areas of construction activity. The construction of the residential sector, buildings and premises of industrial and agricultural purposes, office buildings and much more. The finish with such slabs occurs both outside and inside the building. Magnesite slab, thanks to its qualities, supports the technology of “fast construction” and “dry installation”. On the assessment of the “excellent” slabs of the SML were noted in the finishes of the internal walls and partitions, the manufacture of floors, the production of shields for advertising. They are successfully insulated by attics and Monsards, external walls, facades of buildings. Suspended ceiling, window slopes, door and furniture, formwork, saunas, bathrooms, pools, basements and garages. Alignment of walls and erection of installation partitions. The list can continue further, since this material has found itself in many other areas.

Partitions built using such materials are strong and resistant to loads. The material has lightweight, which reduces the load on the foundation. Wall decoration with SML slabs allows them to be painted without a primer. The material is easy to store and transport. This material will also help you make absolutely any design of your suspended ceiling, while the installation will be quick and easy.

When using such a slab, you are guaranteed the presence of comfort, silence and a favorable microclimate of the room

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