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Do the repair in the bathroom with our own hands

by newsgary

When planning repairs in the bathroom with your own hands, make his plan, where to start and what to not forget about. A correctly drawn up plan of action, thought out to the smallest detail – already half the battle in achieving the goal, in this case, high -quality repairs in the bathroom.

First of all, plan where you want the toilet, a sink, a bath or shower, a washing machine. Decide on the lighting and location of the bathroom accessories. It is advisable to go shopping to see the real size planned for the bathroom. After that, you can proceed directly to the repair of the room.

Start with the removal of everything unnecessary from the bathroom and dismantle everything that is poorly held and old. Using a perforator, remove the old tiles, disassemble and remove the old pipes of the water supply and sewage, remove the door.

The first step to the new bathroom is the marking of the water supply pipes. Such a moment as the replacement of pipes in the bathroom is very important, so if you doubt your abilities, contact specialists. You can also do with the sewer system.

Next, bring electricity to planned lamps and sockets. For a washing machine and jacuzzi you need to bring separate wires and make grounding. Install a new door taking into account the size of the bathroom, if it is small, it is better if it will open outward.

The next stage in the repair is the decoration of walls and floor with tiles and the implementation of your ceiling design. Choose the ceiling from your preferences, you can simply paint it, or you can make it a stretch. The last stage is the installation of objects and accessories.

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