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We are building a playground in the country

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We are building a playground in the country

Undoubtedly, the warm season in our harsh climate, the child spent as much as possible on the street, preferably in nature. Therefore, young parents seek to buy cottages and equip platforms for children’s games on them. Ready -made gaming complexes are very expensive, and therefore you can try to make the site with your own hands.

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First, decide on the area and size. The terrain should be without holes and bumps, it is desirable that it be a lawn on which the child can run barefoot. It is also important that the place is sunny, but the sunlight should be scattered, and not straight – for example, next to high trees.

The size of the site depends on the capabilities and designs that you are going to build there.

Place the sandbox under a canopy, as the children spend a lot of time in it so that they do not receive a sunny blow. You can make a sandbox from boards, bricks, logs and even an old tire.

Children love houses very much, so why not give them pleasure and build it on your personal playground? A simple house from the boards, and even a simple tent will come as well as possible.

Swing can be hung on a suitable tree with thick branches. The main thing in this case is to provide limiters, as well as strong fasteners, so that the child is safe.

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