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Streetreting. The problem of many cities

by newsgary

When a person gets behind the wheel of a car, pleasant sensations appear quite. Only now some are responsible for their duties as a driver, while for others the main thing is to press the Gas pedal, and someone to prove something to this.

Every evening we spend quite monotonously. Wide catalogs of films, broken into convenient sections, will allow you to find exactly the film that is fully consistent with your preferences and the current mood.

Stretratrasing is a fairly common problem in cities. It is one thing when the races occur right in the middle of the city in the stream of other machines, and things are completely different in specially allocated areas, which are equipped with a corresponding way. It will not work to eradicate dashing on the roads. Whatever high fines are appointed in the government. The only way out is to make concessions to fans of speed and competitions in cars. Namely, to allocate the territory where they could gather and arrange races. Only everything should be humanly and within the framework of common sense.

That is, a good road, sufficient lighting along the highway, a long section for the brake track, the traffic police and an ambulance, which will be on duty. Actually, it is not so difficult to organize it. In particular, if the street racers themselves join forces, make prizes and contributions to participation. It is this money that can be allowed to improve the route and payment of doctors, for example.

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