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Streeters will be executed

by newsgary

Chinese street racers are executed for street races. From now on, “Dangerous for Life and Safety Driving” in China will be punishable by the death penalty. These are the realities of Chinese reality, although not so long ago in China, street racks were punishable by a two -week prison term. And provided that street races were accompanied by adverse consequences for others. The new party instruction in the root changes the attitude to amateur motorcyclists to drive along the streets. Such violators will be punishable by GJ with the whole severity of the law – either seven years of imprisonment, or death penalty. The last punishment will be brought into action if the harm caused to the public is proved. Regarding this case. Two young people made an appointment (this happened on February 3) and arranged street races on the liter bikes of Honda and Yamaha, while more than once ignoring the signals of the traffic light. The actions of the racers were recorded by several tracking cameras. In addition, patrol officers tried several times to stop the bikers. The Chinese on motorcycles managed to get away from the chase, but their personalities were identified thanks to the tracking cameras.

The verdict of the street raises will be more tough, t. To. It turned out that Honda at the time of the racing had “left” numbers, and Yamaha was not registered properly. What is the fate of these racer will show the future. We will learn about this in the next few months.

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