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The arrow of the rotor of the receiver located in the cockpit of the crane operator, on a scale, protected in meters, shows a change in the arrival of the arrows. The following stationary measuring devices are installed on the tap: an alternating current voltmeter with a scale of 0-500 V, connected to the phases of the network voltage; Ammeter of alternating current with a scale of 0-750 A connected to the network voltage phase through the current transformer; induction meters of active and reactive energy connected through current transformers; DC voltmeter with a scale of 0-400 V to control the voltage of the lifting electromagnet. The oil heating in the lubrication system of the gearbox of the lifting mechanism and hydra system is carried out using the diagram of two -position temperature regulation schemes. The sensor that controls the temperature of the oil in the system at + 10 ° C closes its contacts, including the relay. The relay with its contacts is blocked and includes the contactor of heating elements. The second sensor opens its contacts at + 15 ° C, turning off the relay that leads to de -energizing the heating elements. The oil temperature regulator into the hydra -waterproof system works in the same way, closes its contacts, and the sensor opens its contacts. The incident of the crane operator is equipped with: air-recoil circulation installation with heating elements with the temperature setting device and the temperature controller with a glass cleaning installation with water supply devices and glass purification.

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