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Insurance premiums are growing

by newsgary

The new study from the AA Insuraance insurance company shows that insurance premiums are growing at the fastest pace since 2016. As the insurer found out, the average prize for full coating (for the risk of “damage”) increased to 778.12 pounds (3.5% more than it was at the end of March).

The average amount of insurance by risks “Damage from the action of third parties/theft” reached 968.22 pounds (height of 4.6% over the past 3 months).

This growth is mainly due to three things: fraud, large amounts of payments for accidents and expenses for trials. Also, the reason can be called that honest drivers should actually pay for unhlassed drivers participating in an accident.

Director of AA Insuraance, Simon Douglas, comments: “Last year I predicted a 10%prize increase, and today’s situation shows that the forecasts were correct”. He also added that he does not see in the near future reasons to change the situation.

AA Insuraance also warns British drivers going on a trip on the other side of the channel that they may need to go through a “saliva test” if they catch up with French police unheated or exceeded speed.

As part of the campaign to reduce the victims on the roads, the French authorities introduced an even more stringent punishment system against those who are driving under the influence of prohibited drugs or drugs.

According to AA, punishment is quite harsh – the offender risks going to prison for two years and pay a fine of 4,500 pounds sterling.

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