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Water supply device in home waterfall and pumps for high -quality filtering

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Landscape design has become popular not so long ago. However, unusual solutions allow to give suburban areas an unusual and noble view, like household plots in American films. Often, looking at neat lawns, alpine slides and waterfalls in the yard in Western films, the idea arises that it is simply impossible to make such a house at home. However, it is quite possible to build a waterfall yourself, you only need to know some basics.

The most difficult moment, during the construction of the waterfall, is the water supply device. The waterfall can drain on natural stones laid out in the form of steps, or in a special form. Water supply is carried out using a special pump. Buy pumps for high -quality water filtering and filtering of water bodies. You can buy such equipment requires knowledge of some nuances, such as the height of the waterfall. For landscape design elements, no more than one and a half meters high, 70 watts will be enough.

It is important that the pump has a special filter that protects the design itself from pollution. It is also recommended to buy pumps with the possibility of regulating water flow. This will increase or decrease the power of the stream of waterfall.

The entire pumping structure looks very bulky and unattractive. Therefore, in order not to worsen the appearance of the home waterfall, you should hide the device under water, covering it with stones. One hose remains at the bottom of the reservoir to draw into the water. Another hose is installed at the top, between the stones and supplies water.

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