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DIY bath installation

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The bathroom installation includes a set of measures to which it is necessary to check the performance of the sewer system and all its components separately.

The bath is carefully entered into the room and put in a prepared place. Raising and lowering the sides of the object, you should install the legs, checking the reliability of their fixation. As a rule, the installation of a bath with your own hands is performed with the calculation on a small slope to facilitate the drain. How to install a bath with your own hands correctly and what professional plumbing advise on this occasion I recommend reading

The best base for the bath is a brickwork that will allow you to adjust a sufficient height. It is also worth remembering the grounding: for this, a wire connecting it with metal structures is brought to the bath. Then you need to wipe the drying bath from the inside and outside. A strapping with a layer of sealant is installed on the bottom. Its cover will be fixed on the outer side with bolts. By means of gasket in the form of a cone ensures a connection of a binding with corrugation. The gasket should be fixed so that its thorny hisses are directed to the strapping.

Then you need to check all the compounds by typing water into the bath. With a closed drain, leakage can only be allowed at the junction of the bathroom with the drainage apparatus.

Next, the strapping is checked: if the leaks are detected, then tighten all the bolts and test the connections again. The zones vulnerable to estrus include the fit of the bathtub to the wall. They should be treated with high -quality sealant.

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