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Upholstered furniture from Italy

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Furniture from Italy has always been valued for its undeniable quality, which is why Italy is a recognized world leader in this area, the legislator of the Furniture Industry Mod.

Important furniture from Italy meets all the criteria and standards of quality, comfort, functionality, strength and environmental friendliness. The works of furniture art from Italian designers are characterized by increased wear resistance, which means they will last you for a long time. Possessing all the above characteristics, Italian upholstered furniture is very tolerant in its pricing policy. The line of upholstered furniture from Italy presents collections of all styles and directions in various price categories from publicly accessible to elite.

Italian upholstered furniture will easily give comfort, comfort and style to any interior, due to a successful combination of beauty, harmonious design and elegance. The design of such furniture is made in the symbiosis of modern and traditional materials, which provides a luxurious type of product and ease of use. Soft headsets for the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, hall, office, etc. D. A huge range of upholstered furniture from Italy will satisfy any, even the most demanding taste.

In the upholstery of Italian furniture, only high -quality materials are used. Despite the addiction to traditional tapestries with the addition of natural and acrylic materials, upholstered furniture made of genuine leather gained particular popularity. Backing skin undergoes special treatment with chrome solutions, which penetrate the porous skin structure very deep and remain in it, without standing out into the atmosphere. In addition, in recent years, advanced furniture manufacturers of Italy began to work with tannins created on the basis of plant materials, in which the depth of color shades is completely preserved, and the skin itself becomes soft and supple. Moreover, this method is ecological at 100%.

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