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Soft roof – Comfort reality!

by newsgary

Than the purchase of an old house is fraught with? What material is worth choosing for the roof? What is the difference between a flexible roof and other types of roofing materials?

The desire of a huge number of people, today, is clear to almost everyone who lives in an apartment building. Bad layout, sound insulation, non -working elevators and much, much more, which constantly poisons our life. That is why many, by truth and by crook, strive to exchange their apartment for a separate house.

However, the realities are such that units can build a new house, but to buy a house, which, to put it mildly, is not the first freshness is completely different. Since the house is old, then most likely it requires repair. And one of the parts of the house that needs repairs is the roof. In old buildings, what materials were used for this? Iron, roofing material, slate … If you want life in the new house to really bring joy, you need to change it to new, modern materials.

For example, there is such a achievement of modern technologies as a soft roof. What it is? This, composite material, or, more simply, a multi -layer structure, which, thanks to special types of processing, has acquired qualities that allow it to be used as a coating for roofs not the entire territory of our country. She is not afraid of temperature changes, long -term exposure to rain, hail and snow. Neither winter frosts nor summer heat will worsen its qualities, even if the roof is all day under direct sunlight all day.

Due to which such results have been achieved? The material based on the fiberglass is covered with bitumen, which gives the structure elasticity and protects against moisture effects. True, initially bitumen does not have such a high melting point, but after special processing at a temperature of 185 degrees, this boundary is pushed back to almost a hundred degrees Celsius.

Buy bitumen tiles, today even a person with a not very high income level can. Especially if you buy it on the Internet. A number of structures offer the products of world leaders in this segment, such as shinglas. Although, of course, every choice makes for himself. Focusing on both quality and price. One thing can be said for sure – after the house is “dressed” in a new tile, living in it will become much more pleasant!

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