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Is it possible to believe advertising about plastic windows?

by newsgary

We very often hear that by purchasing plastic windows, you will get just a bunch of opportunities and benefits. But is it the way it says in advertising? Let’s take a look at only the main parameters that plastic windows from advertising are really able to possess.

Whether plastic windows pass cold air into the apartment?

PVC -plastic windows of the PVC century are not such records for the safety of heat at your home. Any doors and windows are able to lead to heat – losses by 60 – 80%. As for plastic, it is able to maintain heat twice as better than wooden windows. Plastic windows give condensate, but this phenomenon is natural.

The sound permeability of plastic windows.

Sound permeability is not so high, first, and secondly, not all noises are able to drown out plastic windows. Plastic windows, as a rule, only drown out part of the strong sound. For a better achievement to reduce noise, it is best to purchase plastic windows that are based on glass of different thicknesses.

Is there a vacuum in plastic windows?

I would like to say right away that if there was a vacuum in the plastic windows, then the glasses simply pressed close to each other closely. After which the glasses were simply bursting. There really is a special air in plastic windows, which crushes glass more tightly to the base of the frame.

Tightness of plastic windows.

The tightness of plastic windows is to preserve from the penetration of cold air to your home, but not like water. In order for water, you do not get to your house, you should resort to additional measures.

Are plastic windows harmful to health?

This statement was true about five years ago. The thing is that in the production of the profile, lead was used, now this metal was replaced by other safe substances.

That’s all the information about plastic windows.

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