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Is it possible to cover the floor with linoleum in the hallway?

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Higher requirements are often set to the hallway than to other rooms. In any other place of your house, the floor is not subjected to such tests. Indeed, in the hallway there is almost always moisture, sand, dirt, dust … Therefore, the floor in such a place must be strong, there should not be any very difficult care, and such a floor should be very resistant to various damage. Also, it is from this room that you always evaluate the style and design of your home, so you need to be careful and from the aesthetic side of the selection of coverage for the floor.

One of the most familiar material for all people is linoleum. After all, this coating is created from polymer or natural raw materials, so linoleum is often very affordable at its price. This material can be divided into three groups: household, commercial and semi -commercial. The second option is one of the most durable and thick species, which is why some manufacturers can add aluminum oxide there. Therefore, if you need to put linoleum in a place with great cross -country ability, then this is one of the best elections. Further along the list is a semi -commercial linoleum. Its work layer is 0.6 mm. If you have many members in the family and new people often come to visit, then this option will be the most suitable. If you live alone, or together, then you can dwell on a simple high -quality domestic linoleum.

Coating from this material will serve you for more than twenty years. Especially if linoleum is treated with polyurethane on top. Such linoleum moisture -resistant and wear -resistant. Sometimes it can be rubbed with mastic. High -quality linoleum from famous manufacturers is usually not afraid of dirt, dust and scratches.

Of the minuses, one can highlight that most linoleums sold at the moment are not environmentally friendly. Also, often linoleum does not tolerate various solvents, it can crack or become less elastic.

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