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Mosaic from smalt

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There is nothing better for the spectacular decoration of the premises and the outer part of the buildings than the mosaic, known as the original and prestigious type of decor since ancient times, when it has been available only to the most prosperous people. But, fortunately, today the situation has changed dramatically, and everyone can decorate your interior with this strong and beautiful decorative element. Moreover, modern mosaic is great for both the internal decoration of the premises and for decorating the facades of buildings.

Typically, color glass is used as a material for mosaics, but it is highly fragile, so experts in the field of creating interiors recommend paying attention to a more durable and colorful mosaic material called smalt. In fact, smalt is also a glass, more precisely, processed glass with coloring substances added to it. Smalta is characterized by such useful operational properties as high resistance to low temperatures, shocks, heating and water, which is why it can be used to decorate the facades of buildings. Mosaic smart is available in the form of cubes and thin plates, from which the mosaic patterns are made up on the floor or walls.

Due to its heat -resistance, the mosaic of smalt can be used to decorate the fireplaces, due to resistance to mechanical damage – to decorate the stairs and floors, due to high frost resistance – to decorate the facades of buildings, due to resistance to moisture – for decorating pools, kitchen aprons and walls in bathrooms. Such a characteristic of smalt as impact resistance allows you to use a mosaic in public meters, for example, in schools, at the metro stations and in sick leave. Smalt is an incredibly beautiful material for creating a mosaic surface with a matte or glossy coating that will beautifully decorate your house and bring joy and good mood to your life.

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