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Start of rent in a new building

by newsgary

When HOAs have the right to charge payment for housing and communal services in a newly built house? There are a lot of options for each owner-the house may still not be commissioned, or the buyer has not yet signed the acceptance certificate, or the ownership of the apartment has not yet been finally executed, and receipts for payment are already coming to you. Pay or not pay?

So, clarify the following questions for yourself:

– whether the premises are transferred to use;

– Whether they started using the premises;

– What is indicated in the contract at the start of utility bills;

– whether they began to provide utilities – electricity is on, water is running from the tap, warm batteries, etc. D.;

– Is there a permit to put the house into operation;

– Is the ownership of this apartment registered.

Despite the fact that by the law it is necessary to pay for the rent after registration of the right of ownership, this applies only to the point when the apartment is transferred from the owner to the owner, and not built again.

If the premises were put into operation to the shareholder before the house was commissioned, he must pay for utility bills, if it is registered in the contract with the developer.

Members of the housing cooperative must pay utility bills after the transfer of housing for use under the legislation – Article 153 of the LC RF.

When applying for ownership, the owner begins to pay utility bills as an owner, that is, with a different status.

Thus, even if the room has not yet been registered, but you have already signed the transfer act and began the operation of the premises (repair), then being an individual or legal entity, you must pay utility bills.

Having received an apartment in a new building, in addition to a cosmetic or overhaul of premises, you need to try to buy a cabinet inexpensively, as well as other furniture, without which a full -fledged life of a modern person is impossible.

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