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Types of geodetic surveys.

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What is geodetic research.

What is geodetic research

The concept of “geodetic surveys” includes not only conducting accurate measurements, calculating and designing drawings. This also includes work that ensure the most accurate landing of buildings and structures under construction in the plane and in space in accordance with the established requirements of SNiP.

In the course of work, geodezist specialists create a profile of the territory where all designed and existing linear and platform objects are included.

Geodetic surveys are a complex complex of topographic and geodetic works that are performed in strict sequence. In each individual case, the performance is performed in full accordance with the instructions of the technical specifications, and taking into account all the physical and geographical conditions of research.

As a rule, the main object of engineering and geodetic work is the relief within the area of ​​the intended construction, within the framework of the selected site or route.

Geodetic surveys also imply the collection of the following necessary documents:

Top -shooting and executive shooting on different scale;

Flash and breakdown, which also includes the determination of the total volume of earthwork;

An axis removal for designed structures;

Planned-high-altitude marks;

Topping of thermal and sewer hatches, trees, lighting supports, as well as building and structures available on the map.

Companies providing professional surveying services for construction usually offer their customers a wide range of services, which includes collecting data, as well as analysis of these data with digitizing materials.

The cost of the services of such companies includes the development of geodetic justification and top -shooting of underground utilities, including digital processing of the information received in the form of a model of a given territory. Subsequently, this model serves as the basis for scaling and for more convenience to work on the project.

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