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Types of foundations

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It’s no secret to anyone that you need to build a building a foundation. But not everyone knows how different types of foundations differ from each other and why everyone needs them. Below will describe the main types of foundations currently used. There are 4 of them in total:

Plaet foundation. Actively used in the construction of almost all types of buildings. Such a foundation, as a rule, has a rectangular shape and is installed on piles or foundation of another type. Also, the foundation of this type is used to lay special equipment underground underground. After construction, you can find out what weather is now in Molodogvardeisk, this information is very useful.

The next type of foundation is a strip foundation. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is laid exclusively under the supporting element of the wall. Performed in the form of a continuous line. The grounds for this type are used in the construction of residential or industrial buildings.

Pile foundation. Stands out thanks to a more stringent design. Such grounds can serve as an addition to other types of foundation. For its production, specialized technology is used. Drilling of the Earth is carried out, after which structures are immersed in the finished holes. This type of work requires great experience and qualifications by employees carrying out this process.

Column foundation. Consists of separately located column support supports. A similar type of foundation is used in the construction of buildings with a supporting frame. In this case, the beams transfer the load from the walls to the surface of the base.

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