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Types of suspended ceilings

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Suspended ceilings can be from a wide variety of materials. Today, drywall is widely used in construction, and the ceiling decoration was no exception. Metal profiles are attached to the ceiling, on which drywall sheets are attached. If the ceiling needs backlight with built -in lamps, then drywall is indispensable, since it is easy to create various forms with it with it. But the installation of drywall can not be done alone, you will need help. In the case of poor -quality seams between the sheets, cracks are formed. Also, do not forget to buy wallpaper after installing a suspended ceiling.

Installation of suspended stretch ceilings is the easiest. PVC film is pulled on a frame from an aluminum profile. Such ceilings are moisture resistant, durable, and you can choose any color and texture of the film.

The most common type of suspended ceilings is the suspension system, to which various modules are attached (rails, cassettes, tiles).

Often tiles have a standard size 60×60. But in large building markets you can find curved tiles used by designers to create three -dimensional compositions.

Grillatho call metal lattice structures. Such “lattices” are usually installed in rooms where fire safety requirements and moisture resistance are increased.

The ceiling made of racks covered with varnish looks very interesting. Reiki, like all other modules, are attached to the prepared metal frame.

The advantage of modular ceilings is that in the case of a “breakdown”, only a “broken” fragment is replaced.

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