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Types of heating boilers. Short review

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Types of heating boilers. Short review

In our country it is impossible to imagine a dwelling without heating. If utility services are engaged in heating in apartment buildings, then owners of private houses should take care of this on their own. The basis of the heating system is the boiler.

Choosing a heating boiler for a dwelling, you should proceed from the needs. There are boilers that carry only a heating function. There are those that are heated by the room, provide hot water. Also, boilers differ in the type of fuel. Fuel can be either liquid (diesel fuel) or solid (coal, firewood). In addition, gas boilers and electric. If you have the opportunity to join the gas line, a gas boiler will suit you. Gas is the cheapest and subject to the rules, a safe type of fuel.

If the house is equipped with an electricity that can withstand high voltage, choose an electric boiler. You should know that not every line of electricity will withstand the required power. Typically, electric boilers use a power of 380 kW.

In the event that the house is removed from communications, you will have to choose a boiler on solid or liquid fuel. Here you should focus on the cost of fuel.

To independently determine the power, which will be enough to maintain your home in the warmth, proceed from the fact that for every 10 kV.m. the area will require a capacity of 1 kW. This calculation is suitable for insulated brick building, with small thermal losses. If, in addition to heating, the boiler is planned to be used to provide hot water, the power should be higher than a third. In calculations of power parameters, the heating engineer can help you.

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