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Types of flooring

by newsgary

Hello! I will talk about the most popular floor coverings today.

As everyone knows, the floor occupies the largest site in our house. It is on him that the whole load from furniture and from everything that are in our house account. Therefore, we need a good, strong and durable coating. Which would last for many years .

So there are four most common types of flooring:

1) ceramic tiles under stone.

2) porcelain stoneware.

3) parquet and laminate

4) linoleum.

Ceramic tiles are not installed in the halls, bedrooms, but sometimes it is placed in the corridor, where it is often necessary to wash the floor, and the tile is very simple and easily washed. But in every bath and toilet it can be seen quite often. It is made of very durable material. There are both different colors and sizes. It is in great demand.

Porcelain stoneware. Very durable and heavy. In principle, in terms of strength it cannot be compared with any stone. Its strength was achieved thanks to the mixing of two components-canine clay and granite crumbs. This mixture is burned in furnaces under a very high temperature. Also has not a small demand, but it is a little more expensive than ceramic tiles.

Parquet and laminate. Parquet today is probably the most famous type of flooring. Firstly, as sellers claim to us, made of environmentally friendly materials. Secondly, if you have chosen a parquet cover for your gender, you can be sure that your floor will be warm.

Laminate. Laminate, in principle, is not much different from the parquet. Laminate is cheaper than the parquet and it can be installed literally everyone.

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