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Types and methods of building the foundation

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The creation of a strip foundation is a very difficult and long procedure, according to its many criteria, it is very similar to the procedure for filling the foundation and many other construction procedures. Having produced its foundation, it is attributed to two types: the foundation made of blocks and a cast foundation. Paying attention to the foundation made from blocks, we can say that this is a rather long procedure and the larger the building under which it is filled, the longer the process of creation will be. The structure of the construction of the strip foundation is divided into a certain number of stages and materials from which it is made, it is divided into certain parts. If you carefully follow this technique, then soon all efforts will achieve the desired result. By the way, now the services of a real estate agency are very popular by them use many to choose the right apartment or home.

The strip foundation is a structure of concrete or reinforced concrete material, which in its shape resembles a rectangle created using casting or using blocks made of concrete. As a rule, this is not a wide belt that is located around the entire perimeter of the foundation. The emptiness that is formed inside the foundation can remain empty or poured with material: gravel, garbage left after construction or various construction mixtures. Well, besides, it is very economical, because it requires less material, and therefore less means.

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