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Types of soils

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In modern construction, one of the important elements of the finish of the house is a primer. A primer is the wall covering with special solutions that improve the quality of the wall necessary for further processing with putty and plastering work.

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Most types of soils are a polymer solution with different fillers and synthetic additives, which give the solution of special penetrating and strengthening the surface. There are a huge number of soils.

Each type of primer has its own solution. So for the priming of new brick and cement walls, ordinary polymer primer is used, which increases the adhesive qualities of the walls, improves adhesion. But, for example, for old porous and loose walls you need a special primer, which will not only increase the surface adhesion, but also strengthen the loose surface, create a strong surface layer on which you can put a layer of putty and plaster, and not be afraid that by weight plaster solution, the wall can be removed. The primer is divided by the type of material to which this or that primer is adjusted.

For example, the primer is designed for brick walls, cannot be used for painting metal surfaces. From all existing primers, acrylic primers that serve for priming brick, concrete and stone walls are the most popular and used. For wood, it is better to use alkyd primer, which is based on zinc additives. Alkyd primers are similar to the composition of alkyd paints, which are used to paint wooden surfaces. In addition to these species, there are so primers as glyftal, polyvinyl acetate with fast drying, perchlorvinyl and phenolic for painting metal surfaces.

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