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Thermal insulation

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That one of the most important enemies for the home? Of course, moisture. It penetrates inside the roof, pores and destroys the building. So that this does not happen, people have long thought about how to protect the dwelling from the destructive effects of water. Methods and methods were constantly improved and even in ancient times they have already invented special materials that ensured the protection of structures. Modern construction thought has already reached the level at which moisture is no longer such a serious problem, since very serious obstacles have been created on its way. Any builder will say that when building a house, one of the main points is to ensure good heat-and-gydro-insulation. Today’s building materials market can provide any needs of any buyer in this area. But professionals advise not to dwell on the first material that fall, but to study the market conditions and choose really worthwhile products. Most will advise the thermal insulation of the company Technonikol  . She is really the leader of the market in her segment. The company began work back in 1993. Since then, she managed to seriously strengthen the market and gain consumer trust in the invariable quality of products. Today the company has more than thirty production sites in the Russian Federation, and in the CIS countries. She reached the world level, as evidenced by the presence of one hundred and forty trading platforms, which are located in more than thirty countries of the world. The company has its own scientific center, where more than six thousand specialists operate. The main thing that distinguishes the products “Technonikol” is the ratio of the highest quality and moderate price. Consumers are offered a variety of roller roofing materials, flexible tiles, membranes, roofing material.

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