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The house is a sauna

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There are quite a lot about the effect of the sauna on the human body. Indeed, after visiting the bath, pleasant fatigue passes, nervous tension disappears, sleep becomes better, excellent appetite appears. This can be checked easily by visiting a bathhouse or sauna.

The premises can be with a limited composition of departments and expanded, everyone suits it individually. It can be a separately attached building or a separate or built -in room.

The sauna makes our body to be younger, healthy, puts it in order after the labor week and restores it.

High temperature stimulates the metabolism of the body, helps to remove toxic and harmful slags from it, promotes good sleep and “removes” the accumulated fatigue.

This type of bath can consist of a dressing room called a pre -Bannik, a washing department and the steam room itself, a simplified look can consist only of the locker room, together with the shower and the department for steam room.

The type of sauna – cabins does not imply sufficient comfort and therefore it is used quite rarely. Each summer resident, if desired, can purchase a change house and convert it.

Inside, the room of the household is equipped with a layer of 5 mm thick, consisting of carbon fiber, this is a composite material made

Based on carbon fiber and synthetic resin. It is a high -strength, resistant to aggressive environments, material. The strength of this material is higher than that of metal, and its weight is much smaller, and therefore it is used in products instead of metal. Its use is very wide, starting from ordinary fishing rods and ending with spacecraft from parts.

Polyurethane is used as a thermal insulation layer, the thickness of its layer leaves. A layer of fiberglass is arranged on top of the thermal insulation layer of polyurethane, its thickness is.

The sauna can include approximately the following equipment:

Equipment for the steam room.

• Electric chatting;

• shelves;

• door.

From the inside, the steam compartment is sheathed with a wrap with thermal insulation.

The premises of the dressing room.

• Shelves

• table

• clothes hangers;

• benches, any type;

• Lamps,

• chairs.

The premises of the pre -Bannik are also sheathed with a wrap with thermal insulation.

The wear resistance and durability that the manufacturer of these households guarantees can reach many years, because the structure will be reliable.

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