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BMW 7 –Series E38

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September 19, 2013 | 19:39

Despite the common version that the Black Boomer was loved by banditry. For a long time, in the vastness of our Motherland, they rubbed a long time to the Germans. It is known that along with the popular “hundreds” of Audi, and “Baby -Banks” of the 190 series, at our latitudes there were two -door “sharks” of the late 80, which were the only Bavarian machines that were used by bandits. The “seven” were famous at the end of the era of banditry, as cars that could serve not only for gangster goals, but also to maintain the image of a person who tied with crime, and smoothly switches to a “legal business”. But at the same time, such a machine as painting in predatory fish made it clear that in which case, the owner would not dissolve the snot, but would take the good old “TT”, and a couple of guys will come and put it “who did not answer for his bazaar” into a cozy luxury trunk Bavarka will take away to teach a lesson. “Seven” liked the former bandits for their running data, beauty and style. This car showed not only the solidity of the owner, but also the presence of his taste for good cars. Again, if all the same had to recall the “sinful youth”, then such a machine had to be in handy. A powerful motor, a spacious trunk, and a plus was a plus that it was possible to order such a BMW already easily armored for protection against short -barreled automatic weapons. And in addition to protecting the case, tires were supplied to the kit, which, even when she were shot down, allowed the boomer to accelerate to a speed of more than 80 kilometers per hour. By the way, mostly the erroneity of the judgment about the “black boomers” appeared thanks to the famous film, where this car played almost the most important role. In fact, this fact could not withstand any criticism, but gave rise to a popular legend among human masses, providing Baham Semeroks to this day. Well, if you need it, visit the SHINALAND website. Only on this site a wide selection of tires and disks, good quality and at affordable prices, is provided on this site.

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