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BMW reported on record sales

by newsgary

The BMW Group concern called the last month the most successful in terms of September sales in the history of the company.

Just a couple of days ago, Mercedes-Benz called September sales the best in the history of the company, having managed to sell 14,2994 cars. Today, BMW responded to a response, announcing the best September in its history.

BMW excluding the results of Mini, Rolls -Royce and motorcycle unit, implemented 158,029 cars, which is a 7.6 -percent increase compared to the same period of 2012, when 146,852 cars were sold. The growth is mainly explained by the successes of 3-SERIES, the sales of which increased by 13.9 percent from 39,304 to 44,752 cars.

In general, during this year, the automaker sold 1209598 cars, which allows 9 percent to ahead of last year’s sales.

According to Car Newsweek, Mini also showed its best result in September during its existence, like BMW Motorrad. But Rolls-Royce became the only unit that failed to kill the numbers last year.

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