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A great reliable friend. Subtleties of street umbrellas.

by newsgary

“It’s hard to find, it’s easy to lose and impossible to forget” – a famous quote that is quite suitable for a good rain umbrella if you really select this accessory meticulously, strictly for your style, convenient and high -quality. But it will not be about an umbrella that is “easy to lose”. We will talk about those that are problematic to lose at least due to their size. These are street umbrellas. Large, comfortable, reliable, which we use in the country, in the garden or in the summer cafe.

First, let’s look at what exactly you might need a street umbrella? If you have a summer cafe and you want each table to be individually protected, then the umbrellas are great for this. Now only the question is in their quality and durability.

The mechanism itself can be made of economical plastic, of practical aluminum and steel, or exquisite, stylishly and expensive – of natural wood with metal fittings. In practice, you will quickly understand that plastic breaks from the usual gust of wind, and wooden ones are also not as strong as we would like, and their repair is much more complicated and more expensive. Therefore, the most practical is steel and aluminum constructions.

Now consider the forms and types of street umbrellas. Design fantasy, supported by engineering wisdom, allows us to choose umbrellas not only of different colors and shapes, but also with various designs, racks of different types and additional accessories. Is it necessary to mention that in addition to round domes, many cafes have long been used for square and rectangular? But what I definitely want to mention, is about what the dome of the umbrella is attached to. For example, an umbrella with a central support can either stand next to the table without protecting it entirely, or, as it most often happens, its stand is placed in the middle of the table itself. And then it interferes a little to the people sitting at this table, communication. Therefore, for a cafe, umbrellas on the side racks are more beneficial, where the dome is simply suspended from above, reliably and comfortably protecting visitors.

As for the tent materials for use on the street, there is much more variety. Depending on the conditions in which you plan to use it, you will choose it from acrylic fabric or select a polyester of the density you need, determine the color and need to apply any images to your dome. You can supplement the street umbrella with an elegant lambrequin, a mosquito net or a transparent curtain. The main thing is that all this is easy and easy to order, selecting the necessary material in size and density. Immediately you can order an additional substance for replacement if you plan to use it for more than ten years with a constant load, since any coating wears out over time, burns out in the sun and fades from dust. Although just ordering an awning on (link to the site) you can be sure that it will last you for a long time.

So, as you can see, the umbrella you need is not difficult to find, easy to repair, and it is impossible not to use. Because a street umbrella is at least beautiful.

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