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The gazebo near the house

by newsgary

A house surrounded on all sides with a high perforated metal fence. A small garden near the house and a gazebo among flowering trees. Paved path. Many residents of multi -apartment skyscrapers dream of such a small estate in the private sector of the city. As they say, the eternal dream of residents of communal housing.

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In fact, to carry out such a project today for every resident of the city, even with an average income. Well, if your dream has already come true and you already have such a life luxury as your house, surrounded by a fence in a flowering garden, then until the fullness of happiness, the gazebo will become the final, so to speak, chord of your improvement. And to build a gazebo, in fact, is not a big difficult. For the construction of a small gazebo, five six wooden beams remaining from construction and a dozen regulations to create walls of the gazebo will fit.

Under the foundation of the gazebo, you can pour a small pentagon with a cement mortar. So that the wooden bars do not stand on the raw ground, when pouring the foundation base, you can make excavations under the wooden racks of the base of the gazebo and fix it to the concrete coating with metal corners. The lower part of the walls of the gazebo can be lined with wooden boards, and the upper part is made from a perforated frame from a wooden bar. And for the roof any roofing material will fit. Several sheets of metal -plastic tiles or ondulin, it will be enough for the roof to be both reliable and beautifully fit into the green von vonge of the garden.

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