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Steel as roofing material. Construction and repair

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Despite the fact that there are many roofing materials today, steel is still relevant and popular among builders. To carry out roofing work, use steel with a sheet weight of less than 4 kg is not recommended, since its life will be significantly reduced. Leaves with a size of 1471 cm and a total weight of 5 kg will be optimal.

Among the numerous advantages, the roof sheet has become the following: the following can be distinguished:

– They can be covered with any roof, even with numerous angles, roundings and non -standard forms;

– Disabilities for mechanical damage: you can walk on the roof and at the same time do not deform the roof;

– Roof ease, lack of negative home load.

Of the negative characteristics of the steel coating, the following can be noted:

– small fire resistance;

– High price.

Due to the high thermal conductivity, builders do not advise using steel for the roof of summer buildings.

Before starting roofing, steel sheets should be covered with a mixture of olifa and snuff. You need to do this on both sides and then you need to let the sheets completely dry.

Sheets are attached using iron strips and nails. Each strip should have dimensions 4.5 cm (width) by 14-18 cm (length). One end of the strip is laid between the sheets in the fold, and the other is nailed to the crate. It is impossible to nail the sheet to the crate without the use of an iron strip.

After completion of work, the roof is recommended again.

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